Bisping Talks GSP Super-Fight

The middleweight title bout between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre has been made official. The former welterweight champion will move up a division and immediately go for the belt after over three years away, and Bisping thinks ‘GSP’ is willing to take on that challenge because of how they matched up in past training sessions.

“He chose me because he thinks he can beat me,” Bisping said on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight. “I trained with him 11 years ago and he outwrestled me.

“Now back then I was a kickboxer from England, I didn’t know a double leg from a double decker bus. But every time we trained he’d take me down,” he explained. “He thinks I’m still that guy. He thinks I’m an easy opponent, an easy pick. He picked me to come out of retirement, moving up a weight class. It’s almost like he has nothing to lose, but if he moves up a weight class, he beats me, he becomes a legend.”

If the timelines are accurate, “11 years ago” would mean they trained back when Bisping was still at light heavyweight and GSP was yet to be welterweight champion.

Bisping was indeed mostly just a kickboxer then, and St-Pierre was a Karate and BJJ guy who was slowly improving his wrestling at the time. Saying both have evolved significantly in the past decade is an understatement, and these two men seem smart enough to know that.

Even if St-Pierre is returning against a bigger and more active champion after over 3 years out, interestingly enough, oddsmakers still have him as a betting favorite over Bisping.

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