Bisping To Join UFC On ESPN Broadcast Team

When the UFC makes the move from Fox Sports to ESPN in January, former middleweight champion Michael Bisping will be joining them.

Bisping, who announced his retirement from fighting earlier this year, will be on the UFC commentary team beginning in 2019, confirming his new role to co-host Luis J. Gomez on this week’s Believe You Me podcast.

“I’m gonna be commentating UFC events going forward, so that’s interesting and exciting for me,” Bisping revealed. “Just going back-and-forth with the UFC, gonna be obviously continuing with ESPN in the New Year. Got the first few dates, Brooklyn, Phoenix, London, so that’s exciting and yeah they’ll be some commentary in there as well. Yet to get my first gig booked, but we’ve negotiated the deal and everything.

“So that’s good news, it’s exciting times.”

Bisping did color commentary for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, and immediately became a fan favorite.

Bisping has been a key member of UFC’s FOX package, acting as a panelist for pre and post-fight shows as well as UFC Tonight, and will seem to keep a similar role heading into the UFC’s seven year deal with ESPN.

Quotes Transcribed by MMA Weekly

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