Bite Fight: UFC Fighter Disqualified, Cut After Biting His Opponent

Igor Severino’s UFC debut will go down in infamy, as he bit his opponent Andre Lima in the second round and was disqualified. 

While the sequence was rather confusing in real time, the replay and Lima’s arm showed a clear picture of what happened. 

This was the first disqualification due to biting in UFC history. UFC CEO Dana White immediately confirmed that Severino would be cut. 

In another UFC first, Lima was awarded what will hopefully be the only “Bite of the Night” bonus in promotional history. 

The undefeated Brazilian took the bizarre events in good fashion, commemorating his win with a post-fight tattoo of the bite mark. 

Lima moves to 8-0 in his MMA career. The 25-year-old left Vegas with an extra $50k in his pocket, new ink, and one heck of a story following his official UFC debut.

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