BJ Penn Has Cops Called After Strip Club Fight

UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn has found himself in more controversy this week, as he was caught on video fighting a bouncer outside of a strip club.

Initially reported by TMZ, Penn was at Honolulu’s Club Femme Nu, where he would be forced to leave the premises late Monday night for being “very drunk.”

According to witnesses, Penn took the bouncer to the ground and would mount the employee and attempt to choke him with his forearm.

Penn was then implored by bystanders to stop, but the former lightweight and middleweight champion would not, forcing someone to try and punch Penn in the head to break up the fight.

The police would be called soon after, but Penn would be nowhere near the scene when they arrived.

Penn has been under investigation for a January incident, after being charged with a first degree terroristic threat, where he threatened someone at his training facility with a machete, as well as had a restraining order filed against him by his ex-partner for a variety of reasons which include drug and sexual abuse.

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