BJ Penn Reportedly Files Complaint After Hawaii Governor Loss

BJ Penn has established himself as one of those people who never back down from a challenge regardless of any situation. Regardless of it being in the octagon or the Hawaii Governor’s Office, he is taking this case all the way to the end.

Recently, the former UFC lightweight champion announced that he was running for Hawaii’s Governor position. This announcement was met with mixed reactions by his fans on social media.

After a long period of time with numerous run-ins with the law, it was announced that the 43-year-old had lost the vote for the Republican Party nominee by a huge margin.

Even though the difference between and the eventual winner, Duke Aiona, was massive, Penn said that he wasn’t backing down from this loss.

Shortly after, the American fighter announced that he would be contesting the defeat and his words were soon converted into actions.

According to the reports, the 43-year-old has filed a complaint against the elections to the Hawaii Supreme Court. As per the complaint, there were numerous cases of false conduct of votes, such as ballot mishandling, ballot design components, breaches at counting centers, etc.

Alongside these claims, Penn has also said that there was a security mishap across multiple voting areas. It is unclear what kind of evidence he brings to prove his claims.

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