BKFC 22: Press Conference Gets Chaotic After Hector Lombard And Lorenzo Hunt Heated Exchange

Things haven’t cooled between Hector Lombard and Lorenzo Hunt yet. Both athletes were involved in a bizarre spat at the BKFC 22 press conference following their BKFC 18 post-fight brawl.

On Wednesday, at the BKFC 22 pre-fight press conference, champion Lombard was answering the questions from the media in a gentle manner. Things were going smoothly until Lombard was asked to give his thoughts when Hunt entered the ring after his championship victory over Joe Riggs at BKFC 18, which immediately stirred chaos in the ring.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in this arena right now that would allow that to happen. If you, in the biggest moment of your life, you win the world title, and you see a clown jumps over the fence and attacks you, what are you gonna do? Pretty sure you’re gonna do the same thing,” Lombard stated at the press conference.

But just as Lombard completed his sentence, things got off the rails as Hunt started approaching the champion’s desk, cursing Lombard.

Lombard stayed calm and collected and replied, “You shut your f-cking mouth!”

Hunt went on to the stage and grabbed the BKFC title belt from in front of Lombard.

He kept reiterating, “Don’t nobody want to hear you talk.”

Lombard flipped the table over as BKFC President David Feldman tried to tranquilize the champion.

Hunt banged the BKFC belt onto the ground and walked off out of the room, continuing his verbal assault at Lombard.

Moments later, the stage was reset and things got going again.

During the Q/A proceedings, Lombard cross-questioned Hunt’s approach to the fight — whether he was going to be able to make weight for their fight or not.

“All I see if this guy big as f–ck,” Lombard said. “I’ve been cutting so much weight for this fight to make it happen for the fans, and all I see is this motherf-cker is bigger than ever. … Is this a joke or what?”

The two fighters are set to meet in the main event of BKFC 22 tonight at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida.

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