BKFC President David Feldman Elaborates On Recent Meeting With UFC CEO Dana White

While it seems to be just a simple networking meeting at this point, David Feldman has nothing but good things to say about the sit down he had with Dana White earlier this month.

The two combat sports industry executives met in Vegas near the beginning of February, and following BKFC 57 in Hollywood, Florida, Feldman briefly described the interaction as “creating an ally”.

Now, in a recent interview with Just Scrap Radio on BJPenn.com, Feldman circled back to the topic of the Dana White meeting. Without giving away too many details and still leaving the possibility of cross promotion up for speculation, the BKFC president gave a little more info on the interaction, and praised his new business contact.

“I’m not dogging other promotions, but why are you going to say you are bigger than the UFC? I mean, come on,” David Feldman said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “The UFC is a juggernaut, it’s the NFL of combat sports right now, it really is so why are you going to take shots at him? What the guy did, yes he did have funding, but what he did to take a company that as 50-plus million in the hole and turn into a $12 billion valuation. He has a great team around him, but to lead his team to that direction, how can you not say the guy did a hell of a job? Really, I don’t care what you say about fighter pay, what you say about all this other stuff, he took a negative $50 million project and turned into $12 billion. That’s incredible.

“Look, honestly, at first, I was like ‘this isn’t going to go the way I wanted it to go.’ The first five minutes. Then, we got into real talk and I really like the guy, he’s a real guy and I like him,” Feldman continued.

(h/t BJPenn.com)

Over the last few years, Bare Knuckle Boxing has expanded massively, and Feldman should be credited for a large portion of that expansion. The sport is now sanctioned in 25 states, and that number is expected to grow year after year.

Feldman has massive plans for BKFC this year, with 50 shows targeted for 2024, including ‘Knuckmania 4’ in April, and the promotion’s first event in Canada on March 2nd.


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