BKFC President David Feldman Urges Paige VanZant To Return

Paige VanZant, aged 28, entered into a multi-million dollar contract with BKFC (bare-knuckle fighting championship) after quitting the UFC in 2020.

Unfortunately, her stint with BKFC hasn’t been successful, as she has lost fights to Britain Hart and Rachael Ostovich in bare-knuckle boxing.

David Feldman, President of BKFC, wants to arrange for her to fight at an event on April 29th, 2023 and believes that if she doesn’t fight on this date, her journey with BKFC will be over.

In his comments to Mirror Fighting, Feldman said: “I’m going to be talking to her this week, and there’s a possibility that she returns on a big card we’ve got in April. If she doesn’t, then it’s probable that she won’t be coming back to BKFC. She’s making a lot of money doing her other businesses, and maybe she doesn’t want to do this anymore. I will find out this week.”

VanZant disclosed that she is earning ten times more in the BKFC than what she was guaranteed for a single fight in the UFC.

She has also established herself as a popular cover model, having initiated her own fan site and has also recently joined OnlyFans.

This may explain why VanZant may be hesitant to make a return. Regardless of what the case may be, Feldman said he has no regrets about spending a significant amount of money on getting VanZant.

He added: “It may have not worked for someone else, but it worked for me. I got my money’s worth out of her, and if I had the opportunity to do the exact same all over again, I would do. Here was Paige VanZant, people were talking about her, but she came over to bare-knuckle, and she’s now making significant money.”


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