BKFC President Feldman Alarmed By Revenue Hit From Rising Illegal Streams

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) President David Feldman has addressed the rise of illegal streaming following the news that the organization has lost significant revenue.

Felman’s concerns were first vocalized at BKFC 41 in April. Mike Perry took on Luke Rockhold as the PPV numbers did half of what were expected. Felman put that down to the rise of illegal streaming. However, he did view it positively as it showed a sign of increasing interest. The same problem cropped up again at BKFC 56. Once again, Perry was the headline attraction as he took on the former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez. The PPV numbers were on par with BKFC 41, despite higher projections. That has left Felman feeling very concerned.

“The company that worked last time and found almost 800,000 found 1.3 million unique IP addresses streamed it (BKFC 56),” Feldman claimed. “So, it just sucks man. It’s good and it sucks, right, because I can’t keep saying, ‘Wow, 1.3 million people watched us or 2 million people watched us,’ because they’re not frickin’ paying for it.

“But, we probably did closer to 100,000 buys and it’s just discouraging because when you go in here and you do these projections and you’re like, ‘This is the way it’s trending,’ and this one was trending towards 275,000 buys. That’s what it looked like in the marketing and all the media trending into it and it didn’t get there, and it’s just because people are stealing it, man, and it sucks,” Felman said 

Tackling this problem, however, is not so simple. There are possibilities of taking legal action against websites that stream illegally. At the same time, providing fans with flexible pricing options may encourage more PPV sales. Either way, the problem needs addressing.



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