BKFC President Saves Joey Beltran’s Life After Nearly Choking To Death

Ex-BKFC heavyweight champion Joey Beltran was having a usual breakfast on Thursday morning when life flashed before his eyes as he nearly choked to death.

According to Beltran, he was having breakfast when one of his coaches showed him a funny video. Beltran couldn’t help but laugh resulting in a bolus of food lodging directly in his windpipe, causing him to choke.

“I started choking,” Beltran told TMZ. “I couldn’t cough up the food. I stood up and started panicking.”

And all this happened when BKFC president David Feldman was also in presence at the same dining lounge. Feldman was first to react and knew what had to be done to save the life of his upcoming main event’s fighter life.

“We were actually just sitting there, I was having a conversation with one of my guys and he pointed and said, ‘Your main event’s choking,’ and I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’” Feldman told MMA Fighting. “I turn around and I’m like, holy s–!

“He was choking. He was trying to cough it up but he wasn’t making any noise and he was actually starting to turn colors.”

Feldman had seen a familiar situation before as well when he was just 12.

His father had performed a Heimlich maneuver to save somebody’s life at that time, with Feldman engraving this life-saving maneuver in his mind that helped him big-time in Beltran’s case.

“I jumped up and I gave him the Heimlich three times, he spit the food out and he was good,” Feldman said. “It was crazy. Jumped up and did it and ultimately saved him so it’s a good thing. I’m happy, he’s happy. Joey’s alive and kicking so everything is good.”

Following the incident, Beltran was all good – ready to go for the main event. The 40-year-old also praised BKFC president for helping him get his breath back after a sequence of suspenseful events.

“Of all people, the boss man had to come up and bust the Heimlich [maneuver],” Beltran said. “A couple pumps and I spit up the food out and it was all good. Contrary to popular belief, Dave Feldman cares about us fighters.”

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