BKFC Wants To Re-Sign Paige VanZant

She joined the promotion after UFC.

BKFC president thinks that Paige Vanzant had a great bare knuckle run and wants to resign her.

Vanzant’s contract extension with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is not ruled out by David Feldman.

When VanZant decided to break her UFC contract and join BKFC, many people were startled. She has, however, lost both of her fights following promotion, falling to Rachael Ostovich and Britain Hart. She hasn’t engaged in combat since suffering her second defeat in July 2021.

Feldman anticipates the former UFC fighter making a comeback at KnuckleMania 3 in February.

“I mean it’s good. If she promotes us the way she did for the first fight and does everything that she is supposed to do and comes to fight,” Feldman said on Just Scrap Radio.

“The one thing about Paige is she has a lot of tenacity, she doesn’t like being in the L column every. She will do everything she can to get into the W column and that is the type of fighter we want to fight in BKFC. If she can continue to move the needle for us, and if she can, it’s tremendous and we will continue that relationship for us. If not, it was a good ride and a good decision and something we would do over again.”

They have not chosen VanZant’s next opponent, according to Feldman. Instead, he claims that they are working through it but would want a well-known rival if “PVZ” decides to make a comeback.

“Look, at this point, it’s gotta (be something big). I keep using the term needle moving, but it has to move the needle,” Feldman said.

“It doesn’t make sense for her to fight someone no one cares about. So, I think we have to put her in with a name and we have two or three we are signing and I think could be good names for her and equal competition for her as well.”

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