Bob Arum Blames Eddie Hearn For Delayed Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua

Bob Arum is blaming Eddie Hearn.

Arum, Tyson Fury’s co-promoter, said it’s Anthony Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn’s, fault that the fight between Fury and Joshua have yet to be signed off on.

“Eddie Hearn is stalling everything, because he doesn’t want the fight to happen. And why doesn’t he want the fight to happen? Because Joshua’s lost three out of his last five fights and he figures to lose again if he fights Tyson Fury and so Eddie is in effect being an impediment,” Arum told Talk Sport.

“I don’t know of any issues, he sends a draft and then Frank and George [Warren] reply and then we don’t hear from Eddie for days, he’s stalling until it dies of its own volition. I don’t think Joshua is part of that. I think Joshua for whatever reason wants the fight to happen, I know Tyson Fury does.

“But, Eddie doesn’t and so Eddie is doing whatever he can to prevent the fight from happening. From Eddie’s standpoint, he believes he has a valuable asset in Joshua who has now lost three out of five fights and figures to lose again, which could make it four out of six and it would make him a lot less valuable after the event, so he’s trying to prevent it from happening.”

Last week, Hearn expressed his side of things in a statement, saying that they have worked “tirelessly” to get their contract in “decent” shape.

He further said:

“I’m not sure why Tyson Fury keeps setting unrealistic deadlines whilst offering the fight to a number of other heavyweights for the selected date.”

The promoter was referring to Fury’s announcement earlier last week that he was moving onto Mahmoud Charr. Unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk has also stated that he and Fury are “negotiating” a bout for next year.

Last Friday, Fury’s other co-promoter, Frank Warren, came out and questioned:

“Delays happened, and Tyson, it’s not that he’s putting deadlines down. I keep explaining to him, and then nothing is coming through. How do you expect him to act?” Warren told talkSPORT.

“He’s training and wants to fight on December 3rd and wants to know who he’s facing. Fighters need to know who they’re boxing. It keeps dragging on unnecessarily. It should be happening now.

“Where is the contract? Get it signed. Where’s the phone call?”

Fury and Joshua have already reportedly agreed on a 60/40 split in Fury’s favor. The reported targeted date is December 3 in Cardiff.

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