Bob Arum Makes A Guarantee Regarding Jarrell Miller

The year 2020 was supposed to be a new chapter in the life of Jarrell Miller. After missing out on the ultimate opportunity in facing Anthony Joshua for heavyweight gold, “Bib Baby” was signed by Top Rank. Now, it appears that the union has been cut short.

Speaking with talkSPORT, Top Rank’s Bob Arum talked down on Miller (23-0-1), who tested positive for GW1516. His fourth failed test in a year+, Miller was taken off of his planned July 9 Top Rank debut against Jerry Forrest. He was also suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

It was not the first time that Miller tested positive. Back in 2019, Miller was supposed to face Joshua in June for the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO Heavyweight Titles inside Madison Square Garden. He failed three separate drug tests before the fight (all for GW501516, HGH, and IPO) and was suspended six months by the WBA, among other punishments.

“How stupid can you be? That was my reaction,” Arum stated when asked his thoughts. “I mean when we signed the fight, after he had tested positive before the fight with Anthony Joshua, he told me it was his people that did it, he would be very careful, he would have a special nutritionist. And boom, the same thing happened and he tested dirty.”

Miller would end up stating it was a stem cell shot that caused the initial failed tests last year. What was interesting is that he didn’t have a license for New York, so his suspension wasn’t as big as it could have been. He has recently denied knowingly taking performance-enhancing drugs during this latest controversy. As a kickboxer, Miller was suspended nine months by the California State Athletic Commission after testing positive for methylhexaneamine in 2014.

“I look at it this way – If a fighter takes performance-enhancing drugs getting ready to participate in a fight, then I look at it as attempted murder,” Arum went on to say.

There may be a chance Matchroom Boxing will take legal action against Miller to gain the profits they lost from the scrapped Joshua fight. Miller was to owe Eddie Hearn and Matchroom a percentage of his purse from the Forrest fight.

Arum does not know what type of punishment Miller will be hit with. It could either be a multi-year ban or a permanent one from the Nevada Athletic Commission. In any case, Arum has made sure that Miller will never work with Top Rank again.

“And if you’re asking me if I’d continue my contract with him, the answer is, ‘Not in your life.’ Jarrell Miller will never fight on a Top Rank card,” said Arum.

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