Bob Arum Reacts To Zepeda vs. Baranchyk KO

Top Rank Boxing’s Bob Arum is in awe of Jose Zepeda vs. Ivan Baranchyk.

Zepeda and Baranchyk did battle in what is being hailed as an instant classic. Both men threw caution to the wind and traded eight knockdowns. Zepeda landed the final blow in the fifth round to score the knockout win. It was a scary moment as Baranchyk was out cold on the canvas for several minutes but he was able to stand up and walk out of the ring. He was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Speaking to, Arum discussed the impression that Zepeda vs. Baranchyk left on him.

“It was amazing, like you almost couldn’t believe it. For example, in that (fifth) round where Baranchyk knocked Zepeda into the ropes and they counted and Zepeda gets off the ropes and knocks him out. I mean give me a break! (My wife) Lovee was watching it with me and she couldn’t believe what she was watching.

“I have never seen anything like this. Even Foreman-Lyle wasn’t as dramatic. One guy would knock the other guy down and then out of nowhere a punch would come and he would get knocked down. I mean it was the most incredible thing. These were not easy knockdowns. You thought the fight was over because of these knockdowns.

With the victory, Zepeda improved his pro boxing record to 33-2, 2 NC. This is his 26th win by way of knockout. As for Baranchyk, he falls to 20-2. This was the first time he suffered a defeat via knockout.

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