Bob Fitzsimmons Scores A Comeback KO Of Jim Corbett On First Motion Picture Camera – March 17, 1897 (This Day In Boxing History)

Bob Fitzsimmons vs Jim Corbett was the first boxing match to be photographed on a motion picture camera.

And on that camera, it caught Fitzsimmons knocking out Corbett in the 14th round to win the heavyweight title.

The fight seemed to be leaning in favor of Corbett as he landed body blows and constant punishment to Fitzsimmons throughout a majority of the fight. He even dropped Fitzsimmons in the sixth round.

But Fitzsimmons recovered. His opponent was now eyeing a punch that would end it all.

And that punch didn’t come until the 14th and final round.

A long swing to Corbett’s stomach froze him before hitting the mat. He reached for the ropes, but fell on his face. Fitzsimmons became the new heavyweight champion.

Nevada legalized boxing to permit the fight. The bill legalized the sport with a 20-9 vote by the Assembly and a 9-6 vote by the Senate.

The film of the fight was a commercial success for the producers and fighters.

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