Bobby Green’s Take On Russian MMA Fighters ‘Cheating’

UFC lightweight competitor Bobby Green shared his controversial thoughts on cheating by using banned substances, and who he believes are doing this the most.

Yesterday, Green appeared on the Jaxxon Podcast and shared his thoughts on multiple subjects surrounding the world of MMA, including the belief that Russian fighters are violating the USDADA guild lines and using performance enhancing substances.

“You gotta be seeing behind the scenes,” Green said. “Why they keep sending them over to Abu Dhabi? You gotta go over to Abu Dhabi, and there’s a bunch of other things I be thinking in my head, I don’t wanna say nothing about.”

Green elaborated further, and even moved on to mention Khabib Nurmagomedov and current lightweight champion Islam Makhachev by name.

“I just be feeling like the Russians be cheating right now,” Green said. “No disrespect to none of the Russian people. If you my fans, I f*** with you, but I be seeing some funny s*** that I’m like, ‘Oh,’ ’cause I know people all around in different sections and stuff. For instance, Khabib and Islam and them, they go to a mosque. They train in some place where USADA can’t come in here. For months, they can do whatever they wanna do. Actually, Islam got caught for drugs when he first came.”

Back in February 2022, Makhachev defeated Green by way of ground and pound just three minutes into their main event contest. Some are speculating that he is still bitter about the way their fight went and feel that Green suggesting that Makhachev cheats is an ‘easy excuse’.



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