Bobby Gunn Fails To Turn Up For Fatal Crash Case

Former professional boxer Bobby Gunn wasn’t seen at the pretrial hearing for his death by auto case.

The Bare Knuckle boxing pioneer is charged with second-degree death by auto and brutal assault after a disastrous accident in Salem County, New Jersey. According to the reports, he intentionally drove his truck into the incoming traffic.

After the collision, he allegedly killed 51-year-old Polly Tornari right on the spot. The Canadian was reported to be under the influence of fentanyl during the time of this incident. The legal team says that the 48-year-old was suffering from high blood pressure.

Gunn had to stay in the hospital for a night, which disabled him from appearing in the fatal crash case, according to the report.

“This case has been extremely time-consuming and Mr. Gunn has skipped out the hearing due to health issues,” Forte stated in the courtroom.

“Honestly, I haven’t heard anything from his doctor. I don’t have any medical evidence in relation to his health issues. I would be requesting a bench warrant,” Forte added.

Gunn has a long history in the ring. However, his reputation is on the line outside the ring. If proved guilty, the Niagara native will be facing five to ten years in prison.

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