Bomac Blames Spence Over ‘Weight-Drained’ Claims, Virgil Hunter Questions Spence’s Training

Brian McIntyre, Terence Crawford’s trainer, has hit back at suggestions that Errol Spence Jr. was ‘weight-drained’ by urging the boxer to take accountability. 

Spence’s performance was well below par, which was primarily due to the brilliance exhibited by Crawford.

Bud knocked Spence down three times before stopping him in the ninth round to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era.

The post-fight diagnosis centered around whether Spence was at his peak, perhaps due to the weight cut.

But for all the different excuses that were emerging, Bomac made it clear that Spence is a seasoned welterweight.

“That’s not our fault. He signed the contract for 147. He’d been fighting at 147, and that’s what he signed up for. So that’s not our fault. We have no blame for that,” BoMac 

Virgil Hunter’s Reaction

Much in the same way, Virgil Hunter has claimed that Spence’s training may have impacted his performance. 

According to Hunter, Spence allegedly ran five miles over Mount Charleston, Nevada, a week before the fight.

Therefore, the ‘Truth’ may have overtrained in the high-altitude in both Dallas and Vegas, while Crawford was based in the cooler conditions in Colorado. With that being said, Hunter questioned the training regiment. 

“That training in that hot, humid Dallas Heat and then having to make weight in that hot, humid Dallas heat and then coming over to the Vegas dry heat. It’s got to take a double toll on you,”

“A source told me that a week before the fight in Vegas that Errol ran Mount Charleston for five miles.  So all of a sudden, your legs are like, ‘What’s going on? I got to recuperate.

“So that’s not making excuses for Errol. I’m just saying these things. “I don’t know how true it is. This is just what a source told me, but if it is true, I could definitely see it with his legs not being there on fight night a week out,” Hunter 

This narrative may ultimately help push through a rematch at 154, but in reality, Spence’s performance would have to improve dramatically to give him a chance of a win. 

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