Boxer Kevin Johnson Gains Russian Citizenship, Changes His Name Out Of Respect To Putin

Boxer Kevin Johnson has confirmed his Russian citizenship and change of name to Kevin Vladimirovich.

The reasoning for this was due to the fact that Johnson wanted to pay tribute to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

After all, Johnson has made a name for himself in Russia. In a bout in April, Johnson beat MMA star Vyacheslav Datsik in Russia. Thereafter, he expressed his desire for Russian citizenship. 

And given that he will face Mark Petrovsky in Moscow on August 18th, 2023, it has now been confirmed

“As a compliment to President Vladimir Putin, I decided to change my name. I will now be called Kevin Vladimirovich — in honor of Vladimir Putin. Now I am 100%, no joke, 100% Russian,” Johnson

Those comments did not go down well on social media. This was on the basis of the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with many feeling that Johnson’s comments were not well timed.

And this was reflected in the comments that followed on social media.

Social Media Reaction

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