Boxing Ace Claressa Shields Regrets Not Transitioning Into MMA Sooner

Boxing veteran Claressa Shields believes that she should have switched to MMA from boxing earlier in her career.

The former Olympian regretted that the authorities involved in boxing don’t want to put in the effort to see women thrive as well. However, the case is different in MMA promotions.

“Start giving women the opportunity, start getting the numbers. And if women don’t sell, whatever if they don’t sell, do your job and promote the fights,” Shield said.

“Build the story. Have the girls push each other at weigh-ins and s—. Do your job. That’s what you’re supposed to do. But they feel in women’s boxing that that’s impossible. How is it impossible if women in MMA are doing it? I think guys at the top who don’t want to cut the check, they’re just saying all this stuff so they can save money,” she added.

Shields made her MMA debut this June, defeating Brittney Elkin via TKO with a vicious ground and pound attack.

The 26-year-old believes that she worked tirelessly for years to become a household’s name in women’s boxing, but it never worked. However, she feels that she has become the center of attention in MMA with just one PFL showdown.

“I’ve already become a household name in MMA in the past few months just off one fight. So I should’ve started doing MMA way sooner,” Shields added.

She wants to continue with MMA at least till she’s 32.

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