Boxing and MMA Fights In Colorado Now Have An Option For Open Scoring

In Colorado, everyone – literally everyone — will soon know how judges assess fights in real time.

The Colorado State Boxing Commission (CSBC) voted on Tuesday to adopt open scoring for boxing and MMA fights, Director Tony Cummings told ESPN. Colorado is the second state to adopt the regulation, right behind Kansas.

“I’ve been around the industry for a long period of time from a coach’s perspective, cornering fighters and stuff like that,” Cummings said. “… I think it applies real-time accountability. I should be answering those questions [about judging] in real time. I shouldn’t be answering them two or three days later.”

Open scoring would allow fighters, coaches and fans to see how judges are evaluating fights. The scores for every round would be made public to anyone who wants to see.

In other words, even fighters can know if they are winning or losing during the bout.

This regulation is optional for promoters. A boxing or MMA event in Colorado doesn’t need to utilize it, but it’s available if wanted.

Cummings said this would provide transparency in scoring.

Scorecards aren’t made public until the end of the fight, which isn’t the case in other popular sports like basketball, baseball and football where scores are displayed on a big screen.

Kansas has been doing it since February 2020.

Open scoring isn’t part of the Unified Rules of MMA, which is overseen by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports, but states and provinces who regulate combat sports – with no national or international governance – can implement rules it wishes.

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