Boxing Fans Rage As DAZN Increases Its Price By 50 Percent

DAZN has increased its price by 50 percent for UK customers, starting next month, as the platform continues to divide boxing fans. 

The news comes shortly after Joseph Markowski, DAZN’s former North America Chief Executive, left last month following a mutual parting of ways. Markowski had been with DAZN for 13 years. DAZN arrived on the premise that PPV was dead, hoping to offer boxing fans top-quality content on a streaming service since its foray into boxing in 2018. 

But PPV is still alive, with even DAZN implementing it on top of its yearly subscription fee. US fans pay $224.99 annually, which excludes the PPV cost. UK fans currently pay £99.99 annually, excluding PPV, which will increase to £114.99.

However, the monthly subscription will increase by 50 percent. It will go up from £9.99 to £14.99. The changes will occur two days before Tyson Fury takes on Oleksandr Usyk for the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion bout on May 18, putting pressure on boxing fans to assess the long term value of their subscription.


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