Boxing Gets The Most Negativity In The Press According To A Study

Boxing receives the most negative press among all major sports around the world, according to a new study.

The press has become an influential part of how certain athletes and sports are getting viewed in the digital world today.

According to a recent study, boxing receives the most criticism and negativity within the press in all of sports. This study was conducted by Live Football Tickets, who created a research based on 45000 stories from 2013 to 2022. Boxing came in last place with 54.67% coverage being positive and 45.33% perceived as negative.

The highest ranking was received by golf as it had 79.18% positive coverage and only 20.82% negative coverage. A lot of this positivity can be attributed to the slow nature of the sport. Most importantly, the sport isn’t physical which results in minimal injuries and controversies.

After golf, rugby and football come into the conversation, with 77.04% and 71.05% positive scores respectively. The second lowest ranking after boxing was tennis, which had a 63.38% positive score (approximately 10% higher than boxing).

These results are not too surprising, considering how many stories of boxing injuries make it into the news. Despite all this negative publicity, boxing remains one of the most loved sports all around the world.

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