Boxing Is On Course To Being Dropped From The 2028 LA Olympics

Boxing may not be part of the LA Olympics 2028 following the International Olympic Committee’s latest proposal.

According to reports, boxing is still absent from the list of sports which have been confirmed for the games. Five new sports have been suggested instead, which will likely gain approval. Sports such as cricket, baseball, softball, flag football, lacrosse and squash appear to have taken precedence over boxing.

The move has marked a gradual decrease in the sport’s standing ever since 2016. The presence of poor judging, and governance problems have been pointed out as some of the reasons. This was seen by the IOC’s decision to suspend the International Boxing Association in 2019 for failing to address significant regulatory issues. This resulted in the IOC not recognizing the IBA as an official body this year.

The decision will impact the standard of boxing moving forward, with grassroots boxing suffering as a result. And with no natural pathway into the professional ranks, the standard required to make it as a pro will only become tougher. And in a sport where very few make it to the top level, another obstacle must now be navigated.

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