Boxing Legend: Jake LaMotta Dead At 95

One of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport has passed away today, as Jake LaMotta passed away today due to complications from pneumonia.

The 95 year old was belabored by various health problems over the past few years which required him to be placed into a nursing home, and according to his family have a feeding tube placed in him.

LaMotta began his boxing career in 1941 due to being unable to join the military. LaMotta known as the “Raging Bull” for his temperament and ferocity inside the squared circle, would go on to have a final record of 83-19. Five of those losses coming from his greatest rival and opponent “Sugar” Ray Robinson, who LaMotta would only defeat once in their six clashes.

LaMotta’s life and career would be chronicled in the Martin Scorsese film Raging Bull, where he was played by Robert De Niro, which would net De Niro an Academy Award for best actor.

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