Boxing Promotion Offers Mike Tyson $1 Million To Face Active Heavyweight

Another offer has been given to Mike Tyson regarding a comeback bout. This time, however, it is being offered as a true boxing match.

According to World Boxing News, Classic Entertainment and Sports have offered Tyson (50-6, 2NC) $1 million to fight one of the group’s top fighters. A percentage from the fight has been offered as well, along with a $200,000 donation to any charity. This comes after Tyson has shown an interest to compete again in exhibition bouts for charity.

Around for over 30 years, CES is headed by President and CEO Jimmy Burchfield, Sr. He is looking to get the 53-year-old to compete in competitive bouts.

“After three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, boxing fans are hungry to watch real fights,” Burchfield stated. “Not exhibitions. Tyson is a boxer. A damn good one at that! He’s not a bare-knuckle fighter or wrestler. A real boxing match is what we’re interested in promoting!”

Burchfield is a member of the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame. CES is known for representing former WBA Light-Middleweight and IBF Lightweight Champion Vinny Paz ( who was a close teammate of Tyson’s) and Chad Dawson, among others.

The fighter Burchfield is interested in Tyson facing is Juiseppe Angelo Cusumano. The 32-year-old Cusumano (18-3) is a former title contender. He is currently on a losing streak, facing Steve Vukosa in August to a unanimous decision loss. Before that, he was on a three-fight win streak.

“Cusumano will be a true gauge for Tyson’s first fight in 15 years,” Burchfield went on to say. “This is a fight boxing fans want to see. Not an exhibition. Because it will let everyone know exactly where he’s at today.

“Whether or not he can truly challenge a (Tyson) Fury, (Anthony) Joshua, or (Deontay) Wilder. We’re ready to negotiate in good faith right now.”

Tyson has received a $1 million offer before; to fight Australian rugby and football stars. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has offered him over $20 million to compete.

Tyson is rumored to announce who he will be facing this week.

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