Boxing Pros React To Haney Vs. Garcia – ‘The Wrong Game Plan’

Ryan Garcia’s victory over Devin Haney raised many talking points after King Ryan dropped The Dream three times on his way to a majority decision win. 

Garcia was the clear winner, as his strategy paid off. He came in over three pounds heavier after missing the 140-pound weight limit. Ryan admitted it was an intentional move to avoid being drained. Garcia paid Haney a $1.5 million fine instead. Garcia played the reversals of what happened to him for the Gervonta Davis bout. Garcia had agreed to a 136-pound catchweight and a ten-pound rehydration clause, which admittedly drained him. Tim Bradley felt Garcia’s extra weight was vital to beating Haney.

“Why didn’t Ryan Garcia attempt to make the weight? He said it in a Tweet, ‘I don’t want to drain myself. I want to be physically strong for the fight.’ Well, guess who drained himself to make the weight? Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney. Now, it’s not Ryan’s fault. He didn’t even attempt to make the weight. So, Ryan went into this fight with an advantage,” Tim Bradley said

​​Haney’s approach to the fight was also questioned. The Dream was hit with a left hook in the opening round, knowing it was Garcia’s biggest weapon. Devin stayed in the pocket far too long, rather than boxing behind his jab, which had given him success in rounds two and three. Haney would pay for that, getting dropped in rounds seven, ten and 11. Since there was pressure on Haney to put on an entertaining performance to become the ‘face of boxing,’ he moved away from his natural game. 

“No, it was not good [game plan]. There was a lot of left hooks thrown [by Haney]. I saw that in the warmup. The rule is jab with a jabber, don’t hook with a hooker. When I saw him throwing the hooks, and he threw them all night long, and he actually hurt Ryan in the third or fourth round. It just was not a good game plan. I said leading up to this fight that Ryan’s path to victory was to try and get Haney to trade with him. He didn’t have to get Haney to trade with him. Haney chose to trade with him. I don’t know if it was ego or bravado or if they underestimated Ryan, but it was the wrong game plan and it showed,” Algieri stated



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