Broner Exposed For DM’ing 16-Year-Old Bhad Bhabie

Weeks after resolving one lawsuit involving an alleged sexual assault, Adrien Broner finds himself entangled in another scandal.

Broner, who is forced to pay $700,000 to a woman he sexually assaulted in a Cleveland nightclub in 2018, was exposed by Danielle Bregoli, who professionally is known as Bhad Bhabie, a rapper and social media personality who first came to fame several years ago following an appearance on Dr. Phil.

Bregoli, who is only 16-years-old, posted a screenshot on social media of the 30-year-old Broner direct messaging her on Instagram.

The message was Broner asking Bregoli to “text him” which while not illegal, Bregoli immediately in a now-deleted post tagged the FBI, Atlanta Police and inferred the former world champion should be “locked up.”

Broner, who has run into a myriad of legal trouble the past few years as well as bizarre and outright worrisome behavior on social media, has not fought since his January 2019 loss to Manny Pacquiao, in which the current welterweight champion dominated Broner, who adamantly denies that he lost the fight to Pacquiao.

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