Broner Targets Ryan Garcia – ‘Send The Contract’

Adrien Broner has called out Ryan Garcia for a fight following Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez’s comments about a potential fight. 

Gomez recently confirmed that Broner was one of the names under consideration for Garcia’s first fight under Derrick James. However, ‘King Ryan’ ended up agreeing to fight Oscar Duarte on December 2nd, 2023. The Mexican has stopped his last 11 opponents, showing that he is a credible name. But prior to that happening, Broner was a serious contender. 

“We were going through names and there was a possibility at one point that we were going to go after Adrien Broner, which is a great name for him. It’s a great name and we had some conversations with [Broner’s promoter] Don King. Don King spoke to [Golden Boy founder] Oscar [De La Hoya] directly, ‘c’mon let’s get it on.

“But for whatever reason Broner didn’t want it at this time. Broner said he was going to do a tune-up fight first, happy to explore it early next year. So, as we were going through names, Duarte’s name came up and I was very, very surprised that they brought it up and it came from Ryan,” Gomez said

With that being said, Broner was keen on facing Garcia should the latter get through his fight with Duarte. And yet, since Garcia is intent on winning his first world title, a fight against Broner would appear to be off the table. A win for Garcia would open up doors for fights against Devin Haney or Teofimo Lopez, leaving Broner out in the cold. After all, those two fights could be for potential world titles. Nevertheless, Broner was still not giving up on such a fight.

“I’m the same person who fight Manny Pacquiao, why the f— will I be afraid of Saving Private Ryan. Send the contract!!! @Golden Boy I never knew nothing about the offer with the fight with [Ryan Garcia]. I’m just now finding out about that as we speak but I’m here to let you know I don’t need a tune-up for s**t. After Ryan take care of business in December, we can make it happen ASAP,” Broner stated 


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