Broner-Vargas Go To A Draw In Brooklyn

On a night where the first two fights ended with knockouts in the 2nd or 3rd round, Adrien Broner who promised to “whoop Jessie Vargas’ a**” does not get the victory against the California native as both men walk away with a majority draw.

Following the fight Broner nearly stole the mic from Jim Grey, as both Vargas and Broner claimed a win.

Vargas said we can fight again tomorrow, while Broner would throw some hostile language towards Jessie Vargas still claiming he “whooped his a**.”

The judges scored  115-113 for Broner(Julie Lederman), and 114-114(Eric Marlinski), 114-114 (Kevin Morgan), leading to the majority draw.

Broner would claim he wants a fight in his hometown of Cincinnati, instead of fighting in Brooklyn where he feels the fans were not on his side, due to Vargas being Mexican.

Adrien Broner vs. Jessie Vargas.

Round One:

The flashiest thing in the opening round was Broner’s trunks, as both fighters were attempting to find range and rhythm against one another. Vargas landed more punches, but no clear winner.

Round Two:

Vargas landing more punches in this round, finding his jab against Broner. Broner living on his back foot, as Vargas acts as the aggressor.

Later in the round Broner would bring some combinations, but Vargas persists and lands some big punches.

Broner eating the punches from Vargas, but not countering.

Round Three:

Vargas starting where he left off, but Broner beginning to land some solid shots and get inside Vargas’ head.

An accidental low blow makes Vargas agitated as the ref doesn’t notice it.

Broner’s strongest round of the fight, but Vargas persists.

Round Four:

Most action of the fight, both fighters landing huge shots. Vargas focusing on the body, while Broner mixing it up.  Broner’s corner is unsatisfied with their fighter not taking advantage of openings.

Round Five: 

Vargas throwing punches and keeping Broner on his back foot in round five. Broner refuses to throw combinations, Vargas has a welt under his eye, yet it continues to look like Vargas maintains control.

Broner slips and hits the ground following a shot attempt, as both men continue to fight.

Kevin Cunningham wants Broner to let his “hands go,” as “AB” continues to be conservative in his punching.

Round Six:

Broner once again is playing conservative, with the exception of another accidental low blow which the referee did see with thirty seconds left in the round.

Vargas continues to control the momentum of the fight with his pure volume of punches.

Round Seven:

Broner is still not letting his hands go and Kevin Cunningham making that clear in the corner, as “AB” still isn’t getting off the blocks halfway through this 12 round fight.

Round Eight:

Vargas lands a punch after the bell, and is warned by the referee, but still controlled the pace of the round. Broner through some solid shots, but still is not letting it fly.

Round Nine: 

Vargas with a solid combination, but Broner more effective in this round as helooks to time the right hand. Broner gets the crowd alive in the last few seconds of the round and finally letting it fly towards the end of the round. Vargas’ chin lives up to its reputation as Broner pummeled it in the last ten seconds.


Round Ten:

A subtle momentum shift from round nine to ten, as Broner would be more aggressive against Vargas. Vargas would land some big shots, but Broner once again would come alive in the last thirty seconds.

Round Eleven:

While Jessie Vargas may have controlled the round, Broner lands a shot below Vargas’ eyebrown to open a cut and bloody the “pride of Las Vegas.”

Kevin Cunningham tells Broner to go for the knockout and “don’t stop punching.”

Round Twelve:

Broner would land more punches, but would not completely press the gas pedal down enough to get the knockout or a knockdown as we go to the score cards.


Jermall Charlo vs. Hugo Centeno, Jr.

In his only second fight at middleweight, Jermall Charlo is a world champion. Charlo less than a minute into the second round knocked out Hugo Centeno Jr with a big left hook and a debilitating conversation.

Following the win Charlo called out WBC’s current middleweight champion, Gennady Golovkin.

Round One:

The battle for the interim middleweight crown and a shot at Gennady Golovkin began with both men feeling each otherout, less fireworks than the prior fight with Gervonta Davis.

Charlo looking to throw some big shots, but Centeno finding a way around it.

Round Two:

Jermall Charlo started early and finishes early, as a big combination on Centento, as “The Boss” is crumpled by a big left hook finishing off Centeno and winning the interim WBC title.

Jesus Cuellar vs. Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta Davis walks into the Barclays Center looking to claim the WBA super featherweight title, as he gains a technical knockout of Jesus Cuellar.

Cuellar put up a strong showing, but Davis continued to attack the body, sending Cuellar down for the fourth, fifth, and sixth times in his career, forcing the stoppage in round number three.

Round One:

Strong first round from Davis, landing strong shots  on Cuellar. Cuellar is standing and banging with Davis.

Round Two:

Cuellar drops to his knees for the fourth time in his career, with a little over 90 seconds left in the round with a devastating liver shot by Davis. Answers the standing eight count, and attempts to battle back against Davis’ strong offense.

Round Three:

Cuellar gets dropped to his knees again as Davis continues to put the pressure on his opponent during round three.

Another major combination by the “tank” drops the Argentine fighter for the third and final time, the referee stops the fight as Gervonta Davis will earn the WBA super featherweight title.



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