Bryan Flores Gets Off The Canvas To Beat Shinard Bunch In A Split Decision

Bryan Flores managed to get back on his feet after being knocked down in the first round by overcoming Shinard Bunch in a split decision.

Bunch, with a record of 20-2-1 and 16 knockouts, suffered his second loss just as he was poised to contend for a title in the 140-pound weight class. Meanwhile, Flores brought his record to 24-0-1 with 13 KOs.

During the fight at the Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, California, Bunch delivered a powerful combination of four punches, including a right uppercut and left hook which caused Flores to hit the canvas.

He continued to dominate early on by efficiently using his jab to keep Flores subdued. Despite initially getting knocked down, Flores managed to bounce back and ultimately dominated.

In the fifth and sixth rounds of the fight, Flores became more aggressive and used overhand rights to push Bunch towards the ropes. Bunch was unable to respond with the same level of aggression and resorted to holding and smothering.

Flores continued to apply pressure and had a higher output, as the change in momentum was crucial in the outcome of the fight.

Bunch threw a slightly higher number of punches, 104 were successful out of 411 attempts, while Flores had 103 successful hits out of his 398 attempts.

However, Flores was able to land a significantly greater number of body punches, 44 compared to Bunch’s 9.

Two judges favored Flores with scores of 97-92 and 95-94, while another judge scored the fight 96-93 in favor of Bunch. 

Co-Main Event

Guido Schramm defeated Jahyae Brown by a majority decision, giving Brown his first loss.

In the beginning, Schramm struggled to compete with Brown; he smoothly evaded his uppercuts and hooks by countering.

In the sixth round of the fight, Schramm’s strategy changed significantly as he started using left hooks to the body and straight rights to split the guard.

Brown was on the defensive for most of the latter half of the fight until the final bell. The judges’ scores were 98-92 and 97-93 in favor of Schramm while the third judge declared the bout as a draw with a score of 95-95.

Robert Terry Vs. Raul Garcia

Robert Terry and Raul Garcia, both junior middleweights, ended up with a draw as there was nothing to separate them.

Terry, with a record of 9-0-1 and three knockouts, dominated the early rounds of the fight with superior technical skills.

Terry managed to make an impact from the beginning by using counter hooks on Garcia and delivered a powerful right-hand punch to Garcia’s head.

In the fifth, Garcia received a cut under his right eye. Garcia, with a record of 12-0-1 and 9 KOs, managed to recover and delivered powerful punches to the body of Terry, which changed the course of the bout.

Terry lost his momentum, as the judges gave equal scoring 77-75 in favor of each fighter, and the third judge scored it as a tie at 76-76.


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