Buakaw Defeats Krcmar In Prague

Buakaw Banchamek returned to the All Star Fight ring to face off against Michael Krcmar, as the Czech native would try to defeat the “white lotus” of Muay Thai in Prague.

The first round would show Krcmar being able to compete and trade with Buakaw, sending the Muay Thai legend to the canvas, after Buakaw would land some solid strikes and send Krcmar down to the mat towards the midway point of the round.

Both men would step up the intensity in round two, looking to finish the fight before the scorecards. Krcmar would impress by being able to stand and trade with the Thai fighter, but Buakaw would keep the Czech fighter on his back foot during the round. Buakaw and Krcmar would both draw some blood in the round.

The third round, Buakaw would land a solid shot to the jaw to send Krcmar to the canvas. Krcmar would take the referee’s count and try to double down on the aggression towards Buakaw, even though he was visibly hurt.

Buakaw would once again leave it up to the scorecards for the fourth straight fight, and would take his third straight win inside the All Star Fight win, remaining undefeated for the promotion.

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