Buddy McGirt Says Shakur Stevenson Is Protected, Stevenson Fires Back

Renowned trainer Buddy McGirt suddenly finds himself in a feud with prospect Shakur Stevenson.

Stevenson is a rising star in boxing. He is already a former WBO Featherweight Champion. At the age of 23, he has amassed a perfect pro boxing record of 15-0. Stevenson is the mandatory WBO Junior-Lightweight Title challenger.

Despite Stevenson’s early success, McGirt isn’t sold. Appearing on AHAT Live, McGirt expressed his belief that Stevenson has been protected (h/t Bad Left Hook).

“Can I just tell you this, I love Shakur. I’ve known him since he was a kid, and I’m very happy for his success,” McGirt began. “Okay, but there’s an old saying the old school guys say, and that is ‘he’s protected.’ They put him in with the right guys, he’s fighting the right guys — on paper it looks like it’s supposed to be a tough fight, but in reality, no.

“Why? Because they’re building him up for that big fight. Because they know once he gets there, with the opposition that he’s facing, once he gets there it’s a wrap.

“He’s not gonna beat Teofimo. Teofimo will knock him out. I’m telling you he’ll knock him out, man. I know Shakur very well, Teofimo will knock him out. I watched that kid since he was a kid, Teofimo will knock him out in six, seven rounds.

“It’s nothing personal but I know that they’re protecting him.”

Stevenson didn’t take too kindly too McGirt’s viewpoint. He took to his Twitter account to respond with the following.

“Buddy McGirt talk all that sh*t but steal everybody else fighter and act like he fixing some shit. When the last time you seen Buddy McGirt start a fighter from scratch?!?? Y’all gotta stop believing these dudes they throw in front of y’all are good coaches just because they say.. 9 times out of 10 ya home coach you started with is better than the Buddy McGirts.

“His fat bald-headed ass was a decent fighter but sorry every fighter I see him work with end up losing and then losing again. I don’t see him working with no special fighters. Disrespectfully I don’t give af what y’all got to say either. My opinion is my opinion.”

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