Burnett Dominates Haskins, Wins IBF Title

Despite one judge’s baffling scoring of the championship bout, Ryan Burnett ran through Lee Haskins to become the new IBF bantamweight champion in their main event bout on Saturday night at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The fight was not a close one, as Burnett seemed to win each round in the most convincing fashion, with the challenger flooring Haskins in both the sixth and 11th rounds.

But the most surprising part of the bout came at the end, when it was time for the revealing of the scorecards. While two judges gave the bout to the challenger by high margins, the third judge scored the bout in the champion’s favor by a landslide. He may have gotten the two fighters confused.

Burnett landed a number of hard right shots early on, and both men were busted open a bit following an accidental headbutt. While there was a few more accidental clashes in the middle of the bout, Burnett continued to break through the champion’s defensive efforts throughout.

A right straight-hook combo forced Haskins to take a knee in the sixth for the first knockdown, while another series of punches forced Haskins down in the 11th.

The scorecards for the split decision read 118-108, 119-107, 119-107.

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