Burns Expresses That He Will Make Masvidal Suffer

And, pushes for 5 round bout.

Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns Battle for Ultimate Glory at UFC 287 Co-Main Event – Can Burns Rise to the Challenge and Secure the respect he feels that he deserves, or Will Masvidal redeem himself following his most recent loss.

“I already got my contract. I already signed my shit. I could give a f–k less,” Masvidal said. “Three rounds is more than enough that I need for Gilbert. I like all the publicity and extra that he’s putting into it, but brother, three rounds is all I need for that.”

MMA Star Burns Stresses the Importance of Wanting a thrilling 5-Round Battle in a recent Interview with MMA Fighting.

“For sure, it’s a disappointment. I’m still waiting on the UFC. We’re talking with the UFC — if they say, ‘We don’t think so,’ I’m going to say please, come on. I don’t ask for much. I just want five rounds.

“You guys did five rounds for Leon Edwards and Nate [Diaz], you guys did five rounds on other occasions. Why not? I’m pushing, but we’re still waiting.

“It’s very hard when one guy says no – it’s very hard for the UFC to say yes. So we’ll see. I would love to have that [‘BMF’] title in place and five rounds for sure because I just think I’m going to destroy this guy.”

With the inclusion of two extra rounds, Burns is now a stronger contender for the win. However, with only three rounds on the schedule, he’s determined to inflict punishment on his opponent.

“Three rounds, I’m going to make that guy suffer so much in three rounds that it should be enough, but five rounds just guarantees a finish. If the fight is five rounds, I’ll finish, but if he don’t want it, it’s all good.”

Following their fight, the main event will be the highly-anticipated middleweight title rematch between the reigning champion Alex Pereira and the challenger, Israel Adesanya.

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