C.J. Vergara Scores UFC Contract Under 1 Minute In Contender Series

UFC President Dana White praised C.J. Vergara for his win Tuesday night – so impressed, he handed him an official UFC contract.

Vergara struck Bruno Korea with powerful knee strikes to the body during a Contender Series match. White said he sees a bright future for the 30-year-old fighter.

“He’s going to be on top of the world right now, and it’s not like he’s sitting there, wondering what’s going to happen right now. Get over here, C.J.,” White said before handing him the contract.

The Dana White Contender Series is separate from the UFC, but its meant to find new MMA talent.

It took Vergara only 41 seconds to finish Korea, despite his rival’s efforts. After a blow to his ribs and a knee, Korea was knocked down, but found his way on his feet. But Vergara landed five more knee strikes and, not longer after, the referee called off the fight.

According to ESPN’s reporters, Vergara started loving MMA at the age of 14 while he started fight club in high school.

“This kid’s had five wins in a row, five knockouts,” White said. “[He] absolutely destroyed a real guy tonight, and he was a 2-1 underdog.”

“You couldn’t look more impressive than this kid looked tonight,” he added.

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