Cain Not Giving Up Fighting For Wrestling… Yet

Earlier this year, when Cain Velasquez was knocked out by Francis Ngannou in his first fight in nearly three years, many wondered if the former UFC heavyweight champion’s time in the Octagon was over.

The speculation stepped up this year when Velasquez announced his signing with Lucha Libre Triple-A, and was rumored to be negotiating with the WWE and upstart AEW.

And with Velasquez returning to Triple-A this weekend at The Hulu Theater inside Madison Square Garden, he told Ariel Helwani that his fighting career is not at its end.

“Yes, I will (fight again). Unless someone else tells me otherwise. I would love to fight again, but I want to keep doing this as well,” Velasquez told Helwani. “I think it would be possible (to do both). If both organizations are okay with it. Obviously, I think I am an asset to both, so we will see what happens with that.”

“I’d like to wrestle for other places as well. We’ve been in talks with WWE. I’ve talked to Cody (Rhodes) and AEW a little bit. I want to talk to them a little more. I think AEW is doing some good things,” he said of the options the former UFC champion has inside the squared circle.

“I’ve talked to him [Cody] a little bit, I want to talk to him a little more. I think they are doing great things, I think AEW is doing some really cool things.”


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