Cain Velasquez Makes An Appearance In Court As Pre-Trial Dates Get Pushed Back

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez’s pre-trial was delayed on Monday, as was expected by the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice courtroom.

The 40-year-old appeared for the second time in court this week. He is also awaiting the decision by a judge in San Jose, California about a recent discovery order. On Monday, the defense claimed that they had insufficient time to make the decision.

The defense also said that they needed time to adjust to the information made readily available to them. Therefore, the pre-trial hearing was postponed until November 7.

On October 13, a judge said that the district attorney’s office must enable certain aspects of discovery from the pending felony case of accused molester Harry Goularte. They wanted this information to be available for the Velasquez case purposes.

At the same, the judge also disregarded some of the requests regarding other pieces of information. As video cameras will be allowed to cover the court hearing, there was a chat captured between Velasquez, and the attorneys i.e. Mark Geragos and Renee Hessling.

“The fact that our client is sitting in jail with no bail and the alleged predator is out and free to go about his business, I don’t know anybody either in or outside the legal system who thinks that makes any sense,” Geragos told reporters.

Geragos likely referred this statement to the Santa Clara county judge, who enabled Goularte to return as a construction worker.

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