Cain Velasquez Murder Case Moving Towards Trial

Velasquez has been out on bail.

Cain Velasquez was seen at the Santa Clara County court on Wednesday as his reported murder case continues on.

In a hearing in front of Judge Daniel T. Nishigaya, the retired mixed martial artist offered advice before his trial-setting date was finalized for March 8.

Velasquez is set to be represented by Renee Hessling, a California-based lawyer who was part of the pretrial preparations under the leadership of celebrity attorney Mark Geragos.

Hessling, who was alongside Velasquez in the hearing, also replied to a query from the court about the reported violation of her client’s terms of release. The American wrestler must have GPS surveillance and cannot leave his home without the court’s approval.

According to the reports from the pretrial office, there were problems regarding Velasquez’s terms of release during a trip to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. However, Hessling has taken care of it as a user error through a tracking app.

“Once he was contacted, he complied and there have been no other issues,” Hessling said.

“I frankly don’t see this as an issue. I don’t see it as willful. I see it as an honest mistake. I don’t see any other complaints or issues by (pretrial services) to change the status of Mr. Velasquez’s custody.”

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