Cain Velasquez: Psychedelic Treatment Was Beneficial For Mental Health

Cain Velasquez has a recommendation for current and former fighters to explore.

Velasquez, a former UFC heavyweight champion, says that his recent expedition with psychedelics has helped him come out of his personal and fighting trauma.

“Life is a fight, a long fight, and in that fight of life, when do we really take a step back and take a really good exhale from all this?” Velasquez said while taking a deep breath on The MMA Hour. “That’s what it felt like.”

Velasquez suffered the loss of his mother and brother within a two-month period in 2019.

This deprivation set him back in his life and was introduced to psychedelics. He said he was able to shrug off the unresolved feelings from that period thanks to psychedelic ayahuasca.

“I didn’t know what I was looking for, or if I was looking for anything, but I really just focused on my brother, my mom,” he said.

Velasquez is not alone in this venture as several former UFC fighters have turned to psychedelics to treat their respective life traumas.

Velasquez revealed that he used psychedelics on four different occasions and has ingested 5-MeO-DMT as well, a drug derived from the venom of a toad that is reportedly several times more powerful than dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

Veteran UFC commentator and the play-by-play announcer Joe Rogan has been taking DMT for quite some time now and has addressed this in his podcast show “JRE Clips” as well.

Velasquez also recommended this to his longtime friend and gym partner, Daniel Cormier but he hasn’t nodded in positive yet.

“People that do this are a select, certain amount of people,” he said. “That warrior is in them. And when the music stops, and you can’t be a warrior like you could be anymore, it’s hard. It’s hard, because you still have that fire inside, and it’s not a normal fire like everyone else. It burns much hotter. So you need an outlet that is much more than that that you can learn from.”

When asked whether Velasquez still wants to be fighting, the 39-year-old replied that he is now more interested in the bigger fights of life than the ones in the cage.

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