Cain Velasquez Requests Permission To Compete For Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide

Velasquez returned to court for the first time since being granted bail.

Cain Velasquez wants to make a return to professional wrestling. 

And he and his attorney, Ed Sousa, made a motion during Monday’s arraignment to Judge Daniel T. Nishigaya for the court to permit him to compete at a Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide event on December 3 in Arizona. 

Earlier this month, Velasquez was granted bail and was released on a $1 million bond. But while he is no longer in custody, he must follow specific rules including travel restrictions. His legal team said that the former UFC champion would still partake in GPS monitoring and would pay fees for police to accompany him. 

A district attorney representative objected to the request, and asked the hearing to be rescheduled for later this month when lead prosecutor Aaron French is present. 

Nishigaya redirected the request to a different judge who is more familiar with Velasquez’s case. The second judge is expected to make a formal ruling on Tuesday. 

Velasquez competed in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide in 2019, preceding a stint in WWE. He left the wrestling promotion in 2020 and returned to Lucha Libra in late 2021. 

Velasquez is facing a minimum of 20 years in prison for the attempted murder charge. 

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