Caleb Plant Now Campaigning For A Canelo Alvarez Fight

Looking to prove himself against the best boxing has to offer, Caleb Plant is hoping for a clash with middleweight king Canelo Alvarez.

Speaking with Boxing Scene, Plant (20-0) discussed his goals for the next few months. While he wants a fight with WBC Super-Middleweight Champion David Benavidez, the current IBF Super Middleweight Champion does have other fighters on his mind. That includes the IBF Super-Middleweight Champion in Canelo.

“A fight against Canelo Alvarez is something that I’m definitely interested in. It’s something that I want. That’s a fight that I’ve vocalized that I want,” Plant stated.

“I know that I’m in the conversation. Oscar [De La Hoya] doesn’t pick who Canelo fights. It’s not even up to him. If so, why am I already in the conversations so quickly? They were just trying to rain on my parade [in February]. I’m a world-class fighter. I’m following my own path. I don’t answer to them or any other champion at 168. I’ll get my chance. Me and Canelo will have our showdown. But they have to come correct otherwise you’re not going to fool me.”

It was revealed that Plant was offered to face Canelo (53-1-2) following his February win over Vincent Feigenbutz. Plant, however, was not ready for a fast transition. Canelo was then meant to face off against Billy Joe Saunders in May, but the coronavirus pandemic postponed those plans. Now, there are talks of him facing Saunders and Ryota Murata, with a trilogy bout with Gennadiy Golovkin still on the table.

Regarding the initial offer, Plant believes it wasn’t fair for him to prepare for a bout as quickly as they wanted him to.

“When I said I needed a break, it was not from the fight that I had,” Plant went on to say. “As everyone saw, I didn’t take a lot of punishment [versus Feigenbutz]. It’s the training camp. It’s the miles of running and wear and tear… If [Alvarez] is the world’s best fighter, then why wouldn’t I get the appropriate time to prepare for that?”

Eddy Reynoso, Canelo’s coach, said Canelo’s team has eyes on Plant for a future bout, so talks are still possible.

Plant made his professional debut in 2014. He beat Jose Uzcategui for the IBF Super-Middleweight Title to start 2019. He then fought a series of mandatory challengers; Mike Lee and Feigenbutz. Plant beat Lee via TKO in July. Following a tenth-round TKO in the 10th round against Feigenbutz, Plant called out Benavidez, who was sitting right next to the ring.

Golden Boy’s Oscar De La Hoya does not understand where Plant is coming from and believes his chance has come and gone.

“The truth of the matter is that if you’re gonna not want to fight Canelo and we’re considering you, then it’s over, that’s it. It’s over,” De La Hoya stated. “You will not have that opportunity ever again, because there’s so many champions out there, in his weight division.”

Plant says Canelo’s team never sent another offer to fight. He believes he was never the real choice to face Canelo. Now that he is ready, however, he welcomes the challenge. This is as long as he has a chance to properly prepare for the bout.

“I’ve solidified myself as a world-class fighter, and I demand the kind of respect that a world-class fighter gets,” said Plant. “That’s not short notice fights. They say, ‘boxers used to fight much more frequently,’ but they also stopped doing that. If it was so great, why haven’t they kept that up? It’s an even playing field when all of the fighters are doing it.”

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