California State Athletic Commission Unanimously Approves Bareknuckle Fighting And Power Slap

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has voted unanimously to endorse bareknuckle fighting and Power Slap.

The commission voted 6-0 for both sports. Bareknuckle fighting has now been approved in New York, Florida and Utah, while the vote for Power Slap was just for California. BKFC plans on having a card in California next spring.

The CSAC also voted unanimously to approve slap fighting. The move may divide fans of combat sports. The sport received a lot of criticism for endangering its participants. Accusations of brain damage have emerged from medical professionals. Researcher Dr. Bennet Omalu has spoken out previously.

“It is a very dumb, very stupid and unsafe. It is primitive. To me, such a sport is inconsistent with the intelligence of humans. It is possible that a participant could die from this. Somebody could die or suffer catastrophic brain damage and become a vegetable. How can he [Dana White] make that statement? It is silly, given what we know about concussion and blunt force trauma to the head. Why is TBS showing such a primitive sport? It should not be on TV,” Omalu said

In addition, Bill Pascrell Jr. and Don Bacon, two Congressmen, have written a letter expressing their concerns. The issue of safety cropped up again, with suggestions that brain damage is a serious concern. Although Power Slap continues to bring in a new audience, given the mass viewership, the safety concerns are still there. 

“The governing bodies of (other) sports have made strides in recent years to preserve the history and tradition of physical activity while seeking to understand the causes of CTE and implement appropriate safety precautions. The Power Slap makes no similar good faith effort to do the same while exposing participants to brain trauma without protective measures,” the letter said 

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