Callum Smith Details How Canelo Alvarez Injured His Bicep

Callum Smith says Canelo Alvarez executed his game plan to take away his left hook.

Smith put the WBA (Super) and The Ring Super-Middleweight Titles on the line against Canelo on December 19. The vacant WBC Championship was also on the line.

Canelo spent 12 rounds walking Smith down. The Mexican star wasn’t fazed by Smith’s punching power. That’s because early on, Canelo took away Smith’s signature punch by targeting his left arm. Smith reportedly suffered a detached bicep. Canelo ended up scoring the unanimous decision victory.

Speaking to Boxing Social, Smith discussed how Canelo was able to take away his left hook (via

“It was intentional. I knew from the first round that. I said to Joe in round one, ‘He’s aiming for my arm.’ Every right hook he was throwing, he was going for my arm. And then I think I said to Joe in round four or something, ‘My arm is f–ked.’

“It kind of took away my catch left hook, which is my best shot. And whether that was a plan on their behalf, it worked a treat. Because when he was throwing – I remember [George Groves] threw a couple of hooks against me and I thought, ‘Well, you’re throwing the right hook. The next one you’re getting it.'”

Smith will reportedly require surgery due to the bicep injury. There’s no word on how long he’ll be out of action. Stick with FIGHT SPORTS for the latest updates on Smith’s status. As well as what’s next for Canelo.

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