Calvin Ford Expects Haney Vs. Taylor At 147, Rules Out Haney Vs. Tank Davis

Gervonta Davis‘ trainer, Calvin Ford, expects Devin Haney to fight Josh Taylor at 147 next, thus ruling out a fight with Davis. 

Following Haney’s win over Regis Prograis to become the new WBC junior welterweight champion, Haney’s father, Bill Haney, called out Davis to make the fight. Devin Haney then accused Davis of using his name by doing anything other than agreeing to the fight. This suggested Haney’s next fight would be a unification at 140 or a move up 147. Ford responded by saying Josh Taylor could be the opponent. Taylor confirmed he would move up 147, which is why a Haney fight could play out. 

“Y’all going up to 147. Talking about who you’re going to fight at 147. Forget about 140, forget about 135, and forget about Tank. They said it in the ring, ‘We’re going up to 147.’  I said, ‘Damn, who are they going to fight at 147?’ The only top dogs at 147 is Crawford and [Jaron] Boots [Ennis]. Thurman. I know you’re not going to jump up there, or you might fight [Mario] Barrios. Then I looked across the border, and I seen Josh Taylor. That’s who they’re going to go at. It’s easy to make,” Ford said 

Despite this, Davis’ camp has no desire to call out Haney. Ford downplayed Haney’s win by dismissing the danger Prograis possessed, saying Prograis was carefully chosen to put Haney in a predictable fight.

“Regis didn’t have nothing for him, though. I was like, ‘Damn! How did he get where he got at? Is it that easy to get there?’ That was tailor-made for him [Haney]. Guys that gave him that fight back, he had problems with. When they picked him [Prograis] they already knew what he was bringing to the table. He just really showed y’all just now. If you looked at his previous fights, he never showed you anything different,” Ford stated

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