Calvin Ford Extradited Over An Assault Charge With A Deadly Weapon

The legal team for Calvin Ford, Gervonta Davis‘ trainer, have confirmed he has been extradited to Nevada on two charges of ‘assault with a deadly weapon.’ 

According to the Baltimore Banner, authorities took Ford in on December 29, 2023, when he was leaving the Upton Boxing Gym in Baltimore, Maryland. The charges relate to an incident that happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The authorities issued an arrest warrant in Nevada on October 16, 2023. The bail was set at $20,000 in October as Ford waited to be transferred to the state. Ford was transferred to Nevada last week. J. Wyndal Gordon confirmed his case was taken to the Nevada courts on January 17.

Police alleged they had a call from the Floyd Mayweather Boxing Gym over a robbery. Two men claimed Ford wanted them to transport his 2021 Cadillac Escalade from Baltimore to Las Vegas. This was for $2,000. But since Ford’s car was damaged, he only offered to pay them a portion. The court documents state Ford showed his gun. 

“Ford lifted his shirt and exposed a black firearm and stated, ‘you don’t have any problems and I don’t want any problems, get out of here before I kill you,” court documents

Carl Arnold, Ford’s lawyer in Nevada, says his client is innocent. Arnold also claimed Ford never worked with those men, and the surveillance footage showed “no indication” of Ford showing a gun.

“My client never assaulted them, never brandished a weapon. None of the alleged facts. So we’re looking forward to the preliminary hearing to see number one if they even show up, but number two to, you know, vigorously dispute these accusations,” Arnold 

With Tank Davis’ next fight still yet to be announced, it is vital that Ford’s legal situation is resolved.

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