Camden Gets Statue Of Boxing Legend Arnold ‘Jersey Joe Walcott’ Cream

Vincent Cream has come up with the most iconic way of honoring his grandfather Arnold Raymond Cream who was a world-famous boxing ace, also known as, Jersey Joe Walcott.

Cream, 61, was ecstatic to see his grandfather being immortalized in Camden County.

“He’s an iconic figure in the sport and those stories get lost over time. A book, a statue, a foundation … these types of things keep their memories alive for generations,” Cream remarked.

The 1,200-pound statue was put on display at the Camden waterfront. This is Camden County’s first publicly displayed monument of a Black figure.

Over 250 people turned up to participate in the unveiling ceremony where the status was installed above a five-foot stand. Over $185,000 were raised to create the statue. Holman Enterprises, Battleship New Jersey and A.P. Construction were among the biggest donors.

“When planes fly into this corridor of New Jersey, the pilot will sometimes tell people to look to their right and identify William Penn at the top of the Philadelphia City Hall,” Cream added.

“I told my brother about ten years ago that one day, they’re going to fly in and say look to your left and that’s Jersey Joe Walcott and that’s Camden, New Jersey. The blessing of that vision has now come to fruition.”

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