Canelo Alvarez Warns Lionel Messi Following Mexico’s Loss At 2022 World Cup

A video has circulated of Argentina's locker room after the win.

Undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez has gotten the attention of World Cup fans – but not in a good way.  

Argentina defeated Mexico 2-0 in the 2022 World Cup on Saturday. The team was recorded celebrating in the locker room when it caught Argentina star Lionel Messi moving a Mexico shirt as he took off his right shoe.  

In a tweet in Spanish, Alvarez accused Messi of “cleaning the floor” with the shirt, adding that it was disrespectful and that “He better ask God not to run into me.” 

Messi got the Mexico shirt after exchanging with a Mexican player after the win. Messi scored the first goal in Argentina’s win. 

Former Argentina forward Sergio Aguero defended Messi. 

“Mr. Canelo, don’t go finding excuses or creating trouble, certainly you don’t know soccer or what happens in a locker room,” he said on Twitter. “The shirts are always on the floor after a match as they are sweaty.” 

In the boxing world, Alvarez is known for displaying his pride for Mexico.  

He typically schedules his fights during Cinco De Mayo, May 5, and Mexican Independence Day, which was on September 16.  

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