Canelo Alvarez’s Legal Team Reacts To DAZN’s Attempt For Federal Court Return

Canelo Alvarez’s legal team has offered a response to DAZN’s recent request.

Alvarez filed a lawsuit against DAZN, Golden Boy Promotions, and Oscar De La Hoya. Boxing’s top star is alleging a breach of contract. He is seeking $280 million in damages and wants to be allowed to break from his deal.

At first, Alvarez’s lawsuit was dismissed by a court in California due to an error in how the defendants were designated. Alvarez’s legal team amended the claim and refiled. This was after DAZN had attempted to smooth things over with Canelo and his team during a 10-hour mediation.

With Canelo going through with the lawsuit, DAZN has pushed for a return to federal court. Canelo’s team wants all parties to have their say in the same court. Here’s what Canelo’s legal team told

“Pursuant to Central District of California Local Rule 83-1.2.1 et seq. Plaintiffs Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan and SA Holiday, Inc., hereby provide notice that this action, as removed from Los Angeles Superior Court, is effectively a refiling of Alvarez et al. v. DAZN North America Inc., et al., and hereby request reassignment of this case to the Honorable Percy Anderson.”

Canelo’s team also commented on the issues that could arise from a return to federal court.

“Failure to make this a related case and have both cases heard by the Hon. Judge Anderson would create inefficiencies from the standpoint of judicial economy and would increase the risk of inconsistent adjudications. In contrast, if heard both heard by the Hon. Judge Anderson, only one court would have to review evidence, hear motions, and conduct trial. If the same court does not hear both cases, there is a risk that the Alvarez or Defendants will be deemed to have certain rights and obligations in one matter and without those rights and obligations in the other.

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