Canelo Criticizes De La Hoya’s Character – ‘He’s A Hypocrite’

Canelo Alvarez looked back at his time with Oscar De La Hoya in a negative manner.

Alvarez and De La Hoya parted ways in 2020 as the Mexican became a free agent by choosing to work on a fight-by-fight basis with DAZN and now the PBC.

In the aftermath, Canelo questioned De La Hoya’s loyalty in light of the fact that the company was struggling to hold on to its top assets.

Ryan Garcia is the latest example, as the boxer is currently in a lawsuit with De La Hoya over an alleged breach of contract.

Alvarez had confirmed that he had advised Garcia against working with De La Hoya prior to his current legal troubles.

And given that Canelo had stuck by the promoter during the earlier parts of his career, the Mexican was not pleased by what he had been seen.

“I’m loyal. I treat everybody like a family. And I do the same thing with Golden Boy, but I don’t think he’s that kind of person. I don’t know if he’s a good person or not but he’s not the person he shows. Yeah, he’s all business. 

“I think he have a lot of issues. Oscar have a lot of issues with his life. I don’t really know. When I fought with Floyd Mayweather [in 2013] he was in rehab two days before the fight. Kind of bad. I don’t know really what happened there.

“I think the same thing [that De La Hoya always seems to be lying]. He say a lot of things and he’s a hypocrite. I think he’s that kind of person,” Alvarez said 

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